20 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Vacation


When I first started my career as a Flight Attendant it seemed like keeping up my regular fitness routine was going to be impossible. As an avid travel junkie who’s job keeps them on the road and in the air for half the month maintaining an active lifestyle outside of the airplane cabin did not seem possible.

One day, as I was sitting in my jump seat taxing out for takeoff with the cold damp streets of Toronto disappearing behind the wings of the plane, I realized I just couldn't keep making up excuses. Something had to change. 

 Now that my job required me to both sit and stand in tight crowds for long periods of time during any and every city’s cold season, sticking to my health and fitness goals was going to be vital to my long term wellness. I had to find a way to continue to make my healthy lifestyle a top priority no matter where I was in the world.

We are all creatures of habit so when we are out of our routines generally our goals and plans just go straight out the window! But you don't have to lose the momentum with your workouts and just because you have an incurable case of wanderlust. 
To ensure that fitness is a significant part of a nomadic lifestyle you have to link Pleasure to movement. If exercising and working out is a giant pain for you then you need to look at what kind of exercising you are participating in. 

The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least five days a week to prevent heart disease, stoke and to improve the quality of your cardiovascular system. The following list is a compilation of travel-friendly activities that will burn off the careless calories that come with any family vacation or business trip. These fun physical activities will not only allow you to get your workouts and exercise in but will also allow you to discover the area in which you are visiting. No one likes feeling left out while on vacation so these exercises will be a sure hit for everyone!

 1.   Biking

 2.   Roller Skating

 3.   Rollerblading

 4.  Yoga (Go Zen out and meet some locals)

 5.   Dancing (Hit a local dance studio, bar or nightclub)

 6.   Hiking

7. Walking


 9.  SEX! (MY FAVORITE!!!) 

10. Rock Climbing






14. Surfing

15. Golf

16. Jogging/Running





20. Playing ball with the kids at a local park

   Finding out what traditional sport or perhaps dance that the locals enjoy is a great way to learn something new and is also a great way to link pleasure to movement.

    No matter how big or small your workouts may be, the key is to keep moving and to praise yourself for keeping up the great work!

Kerrie Mitchell - Women's Empowerment + Health Coach

Kerrie Mitchell is a Women’s Empowerment and Health Coach and has been inspiring women since moving to Toronto, Canada from Melbourne Australia in 2012. After coaching many women over the years on their health and fitness goals, Kerrie’s end goal is to work with women who are ready to feel energized, alive and connected with their mind, body and soul and those who want to start living a truly fulfilled life that they deserve. Working as a Flight Attendant and specializing in women’s Health Coaching, Kerrie has found the balance between staying fit and healthy while on the road and maintaining a lifestyle that still reaches her own personal health goals. After completing her personal training certification and Health Coach certification with the Become a Health Coach Institute, Kerrie works one-on-one with her clients so they receive a personalized and memorable experience. Kerrie Loves to travel, meet new amazing people, eat awesome food, swing a Kettlebell and dance to really awesome 90’s RnB.

Her true love is a good conversation over a perfect cup of coffee!