Dr Emily Poccia's Nature Cure Series : Tip #2 - Drink CLEAN Water

Dr Emily Poccia, ND, explains in this 5 Part VirBLOGo Series how a little conciousness in your everyday life can have intense health benefits by incorporating these Nature Cures into your daily Routines.

Nature cure is about getting back to the basics. It encompasses elements of life that make us thrive and heal. Many illnesses and diseases today are derived from our lifestyles and can be prevented with some attention to these basic yet essential human needs. Here's #2.

Drink Clean Water (and enough of it!) 

We are made up of 75% water so essentially we are just big bags of H2O! It is critical that we drink enough clean water everyday. Ideally you should be drinking ½ your body weight in oz of water per day and more if you are detoxing, exercising, or live in a dry or hot place.

Make sure you are drinking clean water! Most tap water is not clean enough for drinking. It is processed and purified using chloride, which has been linked to some serious health issues. Distilled water and reverse osmosis water are depleted of all minerals, and deionized water has not been purified of bacteria and pathogens. You also want to be weary of bottled water as toxic chemicals from the plastic can leech into the water.

So what type of water should you drink?

Ideally you should choose from natural spring water, mineral water or alkaline water. These are all clean waters sources that include minerals which are needed for the body to function- in particular your heart, muscles and adrenal glands. 

You may also opt for a water filter in your home. Look for ones that have Absolute 1 micron filtration or Ozonation. I like Life Ionizers for alkaline filters.

You can find them at http://www.lifeionizers.com/