9 Healthy Snacks to Pack For Your Next Trip

Kerrie Mitchell is a busy Flight Attendant and Women’s Health coach, which means she is always on the go. We all know that eating healthy while traveling can be quite challenging. Minimal access to a variety of food options and refrigerators between hotels means that knowing what types of snacks are good for us is key. If you are able to pack them ahead of time, that's even better! 

Here are 9 travel approved healthy snacks to keep your eye out for on the road, in the air, or to pack before you leave the house. 

First, what is important about healthy snacking? 

Healthy snacks are important for those in-between meal moments because they:

  • Sustain your energy from meal to meal
  • Stabilize your blood sugar
  • Keep your mood steady and focus sharp  

9 Healthy Snacks


An excellent source of high protein:

Look for raw or dry roasted and stay away from nuts with additives like vegetable oil and salt, as these can turn rancid if they sit in a bag in a store. 

2. Fruit

Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants:

Look for organic fruit like bananas packed with potassium, and oranges loaded with Vitamin C.

3. Yogurt

High in protein and good source of healthy fats:

Look for full-fat, organic yogurt or ones that do not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners like corn syrup. 

4. Hard Boiled Eggs

High source of protein and will keep your blood sugars level:

Boil them the night before and throw a couple in your bag. 

5. Energy Bars

A much healthier and nutritious alternative to chocolate bars:

Avoid brands with soy protein isolate and look for brands that contain over 10 grams of whey protein, hemp protein or pea protein. (Make sure they are not loaded with sugar or sugar alternatives).

6. Dark Chocolate

High in natural caffeine that can give you that energy boost you need: 

Look for brands that list cocoa as the first ingredient not sugar. 

7. Trail Mix

Packed with a combo of proteins and sugars to increase your energy:

Look for a mix that doesn’t contain added vegetable oil and salt or buy a variety of nuts, seeds, raisins and cranberries at the health store to mix yourself. 

8. Raw Veggies

Loaded with vitamins and minerals:

Choose organic veggies where possible and cut the morning of to maintain their maximum nutrients instead of buying pre-cut slices in a bag. 


9. Seeds

Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are high in sources of vegetable protein: 

Look for raw seeds wherever possible. You can find them in the bulk food section. 

What do I do now?

If you want to make sure that you’re eating healthy all the time, before traveling, I recommend that you schedule in your diary some time to plan and prepare what you are going to take with you or buy while away from home. 

Eating well starts by deciding that you are worth it and making a commitment to put in the extra effort. Decide, commit and succeed! Ever heard that old saying, "You are what you eat"? You better believe it! 

We cannot overwhelm ourselves by thinking we have to change everything about who we are! Start small, bite size chunks and lean into the healthiest action steps you can take to becoming a healthier version of who you want to be! In my next article, I will show you what meals are ideal for you to eat while on the road to optimize your energy levels, stamina and moods.

Healthy travels!

Kerrie Mitchell - Women's Empowerment + Health Coach

Kerrie Mitchell is a Women’s Empowerment and Health Coach and has been inspiring women since moving to Toronto, Canada from Melbourne Australia in 2012.

After coaching many women over the years on their health and fitness goals, Kerrie’s end goal is to work with women who are ready to feel energized, alive and connected with their mind, body and soul and those who want to start living a truly fulfilled life that they deserve.

Working as a Flight Attendant and specializing in women’s Health Coaching, Kerrie has found the balance between staying fit and healthy while on the road and maintaining a lifestyle that still reaches her own personal health goals.

After completing her personal training certification and Health Coach certification with the Become a Health Coach Institute, Kerrie works one-on-one with her clients so they receive a personalized and memorable experience.

Kerrie Loves to travel, meet new amazing people, eat awesome food, swing a Kettlebell and dance to really awesome 90’s RnB.

Her true love is a good conversation over a perfect cup of coffee!