Three Exercise Moves Your Body will Celebrate for this #Women'sHealthandFitnessDay

Happy #Women'sHealthandFitnessDay Viragos!

If you love to stay active like #TeamVirago than I am sure you have tried way too many bootcamps and workouts, and depending on your style and fitness goals some male-centerered workout plans just don't give you the strength and results you are looking for. Today we continue our Bootique Fitness Take Over and give you fitness designed for women's health by women trainers who believe in keeping strong women strong.

To get one-on-one fitness tips that are designed specifically for your luscious lady lumps and veracious Virgao muscles, you might have to mortgage your first born for a personal trainer. Today the #QueensofFitness at Bootique Fitness will be training you in true Virago Fashion; i.e. you can do their Warrior Women's Workout anywhere you can get a little space and time to yourself. 

It is #WomenCrushWednesday and we are here to cater to you! Check out these three lady loving exercises and worship your wellness today!

1. Close Grip Push-up Progressions

2. Single Leg Squat Progressions

3. V-Up Progression