7 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Water Workouts Into Your Fitness Routine

Virago Fitness had the pleasure of taking Hotel Del Coronado's Mermaid Fit class today! It was amazing, and we fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a mermaid. Check it out!

It's summer and with the warm weather comes new opportunities to expand your workout. #TeamVirago has been working relentlessly over the past month, revamping the #ViragoFitness routine to bring you the San Diego Chapter of the #MonthOfFitnessChallenge. For the past month we have been trying every single fitness opportunity San Diego has to offer and it has been an amazing experience that we will share with all our subscribers on Monday August first.

As we finished our 30+day challenge of non-stop exercising bliss, trying everything from Bulgarian Bag Wrestling Bootcamp to Silk Aerial Yoga, we noticed that our stamina increased, an our endurance doubled, but our our bodies, although stronger and faster than ever before, were sore and stressed from our high intensity exercise journey. On the home stretch of #MonthOfFitness we were recovering from a few strains and nursing some aching tendants, but being the fitness junkies we are, we were still dedicated to staying active. After having come so far, a few tender joints were not going to stop us! Enter Mermaid Fitness. A Magical class the Hotel Del Coronado is offering this summer that introduced us to all the amazing benefits of incorporating water into our fitness routine. (Check out our amazing underwater experience at the Hotel Del Coronado on our Instagam and Facebook).

Exercising in water is like anti-gravity resistance training. When submerged in water up to your shoulders you only feel about 10% of your body weight, but you can get up to 42 times the resistance as exercising in air, depending on the speed of the movement.

  • Water training is not only excellent cardio that leads to high calorie burning before and after workout
  • Hydrostatic pressure exerted evenly across the surface of your body by the water actually makes your heart more efficient than if you were to exercise on land.
  • Water aerobics can lower your heart rate and blood pressure
  • High impact swimming is associated with weight loss and improved cardiovascular endurance.
  • The buoyancy of water takes pressure off of your joints and gives you the ability to stick to a training regiment even after you have sustained an injury like a rolled ankle or even broken limbs.
  • Exercising in water is notoriously good for the 350 million people suffering from Arthritis world wide who want to manage pain and still stay fit.
  • Professional football players train in water to improve their speed, increase their vertical jump and build on their range of motion. If you want moves like Seattle Seahawk's Quaterback #RusslleWilson, try all the same explosive body weight moves you love in the water.

Mermaid Fitness not only gave us the chance to fulfil a lifelong goal of becoming mermaids, but gave us a crash coarse in some of the best resistance training moves you can do any time of year. Next time you are in the pool grab a flotation noodle and try doing some arm presses and tricep curls in in the shallow section. You can even tone your glues by doing leg raises in the water and hip lifts poolside.

If aquatic group fitness is more your style you can join Hotel Del Coronado every Friday and Saturday Morning for Mermaid Fitness. The class is $20 to visitors and $15 for locals. Hope to see you there!