Virago Makes Online Shopping Worry Free

More than 1 billion people have purchased products or goods online to date, that's over 1.2million dollars in e-commerce every 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, 30% of all products purchased online are returned every year. We are proud to say that the Virago return rate is far below that average, but even with great customer service and great products not even Virago Fitness can not escape the rule of Murphy's Law and anything that can happen will happen.

With a one-in-three chance of needing a return when shopping online, knowing that you are purchasing from a company with a customer-centric return policy is vitally important. Some return policies can read like mortgage contracts in Pig Latin and can leave you twisting in the wind with a product you no longer want. When shopping online the struggle is real, and as an e-commerce business made of people who love to shop online, #TeamVirago can totally relate. That is why you should know Virago Fitness has a simple return policy that ensures you can get the Virago gear you really want. Whether you need an exchange because you just went down a Performance Capri size after training for a 5k, or need to completely change your active gear style, Virago's return policy makes it easy to get the fitness apparel that makes you feel your best.

Start shopping your favorite Virago styles now -- worry free!