Tone Your Life : Simplify your day with our favorite wellness and fitness hacks

In honor of #NationalSimplicityDay we present our favorite fitness hacks to help you get rid of some daily clutter. Take these first steps to streamline your life and make room for the things that really matter.

  • One and Done

In a rush to fit in gym time today? Make your workout simple and choose one exercise per work out, and perfect it. Instead of trying to rush through a circuit or speeding through 10 different exercises in one day choose one lift, or one cardio challenge today, and try a new one everyday going forward. Many people try to pack their gym time with multiple stations or workout with the aim of working multiple muscle groups in one session, but when you hurry yourself through a dynamic routine you may not be completing the exercise correctly which is the exact opposite of your fitness goal and can even lead to injury. There are many full body exercises you can do at the gym to get you in, out and back on the road. Monetizing your work is also meditative. Instead of constantly having to strategise your workout navigation and time management, (something that is exhausting enough outside of the gym) choose one motion and let your mind meditate in the moment. The focus will ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout and clear your mind before heading back out into a world that always keeps you on your toes.

  • Meal Prep is Your Ally

Cooking large portions and pre-packaging lunches and snacks sounds intuitive but it does take more forethought than people expect. Cooking in bulk and packaging it as you clean up after a meal takes a little more time in the present, but it will be one less thing to think about for the rest of the week in a world where anything that can happen will happen. has more step by step tips on meal prep for beginners.

  • Simplify By Multitasking

Everyday mundane activity is an opportunity to sneak a little fitness in. Waiting for your prints to come out of the copier? Great excuse to do some calf raises. Watching your pasta water boil? A vinyasa flow is a great way to pass the time, since a watched pot never boils.

  • Abs to go.

A strong core is an important aspect of any fitness foundation but you do not need to spend an hour on a crunch machine to strengthen yours. In fact, abdominal isolation exercises are not the most effective way to strengthen and slim your mid section. If you are pressed for time, skip the ab isolations and concentrate on compound exercises like overhead presses, squats and dead lifts. These full body movements strengthen multiple muscle groups and will yield full body results. If you are addicted to a sweet core burn - take your ab routine home. Planks are easily done between commercials and mountain climbers are a nice way to break up the stream of emails you may be replying to at the kitchen table.



Life is, by definition, busy. You will never be less busy than you are right now, contrary to what you may tell yourself everyday when you look at a fully packed planner. Take time now to figure out what the most important things in your life are and trim the fat from there. By simplifying your workout and eating habits, and refocusing your life on the things that truly make you happy, you will find that the complications, and the unhealthy habits, will melt away.