Stay Safe During Your Workout in the Summer Heat

Although Researchers at the University of Oregon did find that training in heat can improve performance for athletes competing in lower temperature activities, working out in the heat wave that is taking over the country can be dangerous. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke sound like something that could never happen to a fit and healthy person, but they can be deadly, set in quickly, and don't discriminate between age or wellness levels. It takes a lot to stop a Virago from training at 100% every time, even in the sweltering sun, so here are some tips to help adjust your workout in the hottest days of summer:

  • Stay Hydrated....duh!

It seems like common sense but already this summer people have become seriously sick from dehydration. Often times we wait till we feel thirsty to drink, but in 80 degree plus weather waiting till you feel thirsty may be a sign you are already dehydrated. Constantly drinking water while working out will keep you hydrated, and after a workout reach for a sports drink to replenish the electrolytes you lost in your deep sweat.

  • Don't fear the wet t-shirt

In a world where we are working out with friends and everyone on Instagram knows your fitness routine we are all afraid of looking like a big hot sweaty mess. In these hottest of hot summer days, remember that “Sweat is Beautiful” and healthy. We are biologically designed with the advantage of sweating which acts as a natural air conditioner for our bodies as air is cooled by the moisture our skin releases (in turn cooling our bodies). This summer stay cool, get sweaty.

Many people find that although glistening arms can feel cool and rewarding that wet skin on apparel is uncomfortable. Luckily many of Virago's Performance Gear is moisture wicking, and can help absorb the sweat from your skin, staving of any chafing or potentially uncomfortable apparel moments.

  • Know when to go inside

Cutting your normal routine a little short on hot days could save your life. Leave hiking and long distance running for sunset, and work on short interval training if mid day is the only time you have to work on your outdoor fitness. In this heat wave it is time to Adapt Overcome and Improvise your standard workout. Plus, veering away from your normal workout routine is also good when it comes to keeping you on your toes. If we did that same work out everyday, plateau is inevitable. Instead mix up your routine and keep it short this summer, or try something outside the repertoire like swimming or surfing to shock your muscles and stay cool.

  • Wear lightweight and light colored clothing.

Dark clothing absorbs the sunlight like a solar panel so this summer stick to loose light colored clothing. Nothing but long black running leggings in your closet this season? Well you have come to the right place. Our performance line includes light colored tri-blend tees, white performance tanks, and grey movement shorts that won't restrict your workout or your budget.

Stay cool and happy summer!