Improve your health and mind with these herbs

Stressed out from a long week? Reach for your spice cabinet on #NationalHerbsAndSpicesDay for some natural and delicious pick me ups.


When the weather fluctuates from hot to cold quickly your are more you are more susceptible to catching a cold. Mix that with a hectic work week and you could yourself sneezing and coughing on your way out of the office. Dill herb is known to fight flu and cold symptoms like chronic cough. Throw some in dill on your salmon and trout before heading out on the town tonight to ward off any potential sniffles.



Didn't check everything off your “To Do” list this week? Feeling anxious about a weekend bursting at the seams with back to back commitments? Take a deep breath and this afternoon make thyme for yourself. Used mostly as a cure for digestive discomfort, this antioxidant rich herb has also been know to help boost your mood. Thyme oil has been known to fight depression, anxiety and fatigue, and a sprinkle of thyme on roasted vegetables will help you relax after a long day.



Feeling the 3pm burn out at work this afternoon? Skip the candy bar and instead give yourself a brain boost by adding sage to your snack. Even a whiff of this herb can enhance concentration and focus to fight through any afternoon slump. Add fresh sage to your mid afternoon salad to increase both your recall abilities and memory retention right around the time when your brain is in standby mode and you can not find the files you have been working on all week.

Then reward yourself when you find those pesky files with a Sage Rush cocktail. Happy Friday indeed!