365 Days of Healthy Living

Derived from the famous Socrates quote: "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new", Virago's #buildthenew campaign is about just that. New Year's Resolutions are sometimes unsuccessful for many people because they are too focused on fighting the old. Also, they expect the change to happen overnight. Don't forget my friends, that although symbolic of a new beginning, New Years day is just another day. Nothing is going to change or happen overnight. Thus, we must focus all of our energy on building the new. Living a healthy lifestyle takes dedication, but it can be achieved. Here are 365 ways that you can live a healthy life one day at a time. 

CHALLENGE: Do everything on this list, and when you do tag @ViragoFitness on Instagram and use the hashtags #BUILDTHENEW & #VIRAGOFITNESS

  1. Make a smoothie
  2. Sign up for a free exercise class
  3. Start a gratitude journal
  4. Listen to your favorite album
  5. Stargaze
  6. Take your favorite dessert and adjust the recipe to make it healthy
  7. Try yoga
  8. Write a letter to someone that inspires you
  9. Go to your local farmers market
  10. Print your favorite photos and hang them
  11. Start taking a multivitamin
  12. Take a bath
  13. Surprise someone you love with a gift
  14. Read your favorite inspirational book
  15. Eat a salad
  16. Try kickboxing
  17. Draw a picture
  18. Go on a walk around your block
  19. Go meatless for a day
  20. Watch a TED talk
  21. Give yourself a spa treatment
  22. Drink hot tea before you go to bed
  23. Wake up early and run
  24. Meditate
  25. Get a fancy dinner at a restaurant
  26. Watch your favorite movie
  27. Create a new recipe
  28. Write a positive review online
  29. Put on clean sheets
  30. Go to Trader Joe’s and buy something you’ve never tried before
  31. Learn a few sentences of a new language
  32. Meet a friend for a drink
  33. Go to a Zumba class
  34. Give a server a big tip
  35. Camp in your backyard
  36. Write down all of the things you like about yourself
  37. Make a budget
  38. Eat an avocado
  39. Go to an art gallery
  40. Invest in some good running shoes
  41. Follow an inspiring Instagram account
  42. Forgive someone
  43. Write a letter to your future self
  44. Have sex
  45. Give a stranger a compliment
  46. Sign up for a 5k
  47. Make your own hummus
  48. Buy a houseplant
  49. Try a spin class
  50. Wear your favorite outfit
  51. Watch the clouds
  52. Pay for someone else's coffee
  53. Turn your phone off for the day
  54. Infuse your water with fruit
  55. Go on a hike
  56. Plan a staycation
  57. Treat yourself to something tasty
  58. Look at old photo albums
  59. See a chiropractor
  60. Make homemade oatmeal
  61. Go outside and take photos of things that inspire you
  62. Give a homeless person a sandwich
  63. Take a nap outside
  64. Make chia seed pudding
  65. Listen to oldies
  66. Tell someone you love them
  67. Drink half of your body weight in oz of water
  68. Go indoor rock climbing
  69. Surprise someone at their work
  70. Buy flowers
  71. Get some fresh air
  72. Read your favorite book again
  73. Take a cooking class
  74. Buy some workout clothes
  75. Apply a face mask
  76. Visit your local flea market
  77. Get a massage
  78. Get yourself something special
  79. Subscribe to a health / fitness magazine
  80. Organize your pantry
  81. Do a detox
  82. Juice your fruits and veggies
  83. Go to the beach
  84. Sit in the sun for 15 minutes
  85. Get rid of something you don’t use
  86. Make a space in your home that is just for you to relax in
  87. Tell yourself you are beautiful
  88. Learn Karate
  89. Listen to a podcast that interests you
  90. Volunteer for a cause you care about
  91. Burn sage in your home
  92. Don’t check social media for a day
  93. Start a blog
  94. Stretch
  95. Go for a bike ride
  96. Write thank you cards
  97. Don’t worry
  98. Plant a garden
  99. Buy a fountain
  100. Go to a concert
  101. Sign up for a 10k
  102. Make an Acai bowl
  103. Learn how to skateboard
  104. Clean your house
  105. Look into hiring a meal prep service
  106. Make a playlist for working out
  107. Do yoga outdoors
  108. Go swimming
  109. Make a healthy recipe book
  110. Buy a new album
  111. Go to the library
  112. Take a dance class
  113. Go for a long walk
  114. Plan your meals for the week
  115. Watch a stand-up comedy show
  116. Learn how to build a fire
  117. Jot down positive affirmations and tape them to your mirror
  118. Collect shells on a beach
  119. Get inspired on Pinterest for an hour
  120. Host a party
  121. Go kayaking
  122. Exfoliate your face
  123. Go camping
  124. Learn to surf
  125. Hug someone
  126. Get a haircut
  127. Make an inspiration board
  128. Go roller skating
  129. Try hypnotherapy
  130. Get a facial
  131. Jump Rope
  132. Watch the sunrise
  133. Color a coloring book
  134. Plan a vacation
  135. Practice positive thinking
  136. Write a letter to your future self
  137. Window shop
  138. Go to Barnes N Noble
  139. Stretch before bedtime
  140. Meet a neighbor
  141. Ride a scooter
  142. Make your favorite drink at home and invite friends over to share
  143. Dance in your living room
  144. Do something you have been putting off
  145. Take deep breaths
  146. Drink green tea
  147. Practice good posture
  148. Play frisbee
  149. Buy a stand up desk
  150. Meal prep
  151. Set goals for the week
  152. Use essential oils
  153. Buy organic
  154. Kiss someone
  155. Join a fitness subscription box service
  156. Declutter your workspace
  157. Hike to a waterfall
  158. Cook a new cuisine
  159. Fix something that has been broken
  160. Watch your favorite sports game live
  161. Floss
  162. Go paddle boarding
  163. Get a full night sleep
  164. Eat more leafy greens
  165. Grill dinner on the BBQ
  166. Make your own butter
  167. Get friend’s recommendations for their favorite healthy restaurant
  168. Join a gym
  169. Sign up for a free week of Blue Apron
  170. Take Omega-3
  171. Drink herbal tea
  172. Step away from your desk at least every hour
  173. Prepare healthy snacks for the week
  174. Create a morning ritual you will look forward to every day
  175. Take the stairs
  176. Buy energy bars
  177. Recycle
  178. Don’t complain
  179. Do something you love
  180. Organize your email inbox
  181. Learn to say “no”
  182. Call your friends to see if they are doing okay and need to talk
  183. Write down your biggest dreams
  184. Try hot yoga
  185. Go grocery shopping for healthy food
  186. Light candles all over your home
  187. Relax in a sauna
  188. Diffuse essential oils
  189. Download a meditation app
  190. Replace store bought butter with olive oil or coconut oil
  191. Incorporate turmeric into your diet
  192. End your day with 10 minutes of reflection and self evaluation
  193. Drink a glass of red wine
  194. Learn how to knit
  195. Whiten your teeth
  196. Sign up for a 15k
  197. Try acupuncture
  198. Buy an inspirational tee or tank top
  199. Follow a health blog
  200. Drop a eucalyptus bar in your shower
  201. Try oil pulling
  202. Do something that scares you
  203. Make raw banana “ice cream”
  204. Try a vegetable that you hated as a kid
  205. Learn to make sushi
  206. Bring a candle to your desk at work and light it
  207. Try to get someone to join you in your workout
  208. Make a healthy recipe you find on Pinterest
  209. Try taking Melatonin before bed for a relaxing sleep
  210. Go on a boat ride
  211. Ask for a raise
  212. Go to brunch
  213. Check the fluids in your car
  214. Go to an inspirational talk
  215. Run somewhere you have not run before
  216. Go fishing
  217. Download a running app to track your progress
  218. Start a food diary
  219. Cut out added sugar
  220. Start a new workout program
  221. Go junk food free
  222. Aim for 10,000 steps
  223. Eat celery with peanut butter
  224. Thank a service member
  225. Build something
  226. Watch a youtube tutorial
  227. Make a savings plan
  228. Buy a BPA free water bottle
  229. Visit an oxygen bar
  230. Start a squat challenge
  231. Take a Mermaid fitness class - Trust me!
  232. Make sure your skin care routine is healthy and right for you
  233. Paint a picture
  234. Go on an adventure
  235. Incorporate ginger into your diet
  236. Go see a movie
  237. Buy massage blocks
  238. Bake your own kale chips
  239. Get to work early
  240. Try geocaching
  241. Give someone a massage
  242. Look at an old photo album
  243. Call a friend or family member
  244. Make your backyard a sanctuary
  245. Buy new workout pants
  246. Remember a low point in your life and figure out what you learned from it
  247. Look up the benefits of lemon water
  248. Play a board game with your family
  249. Learn about a different culture
  250. Sign up for a half-marathon
  251. Visit a spiritual shrine
  252. Reach out to someone that is having a hard time
  253. Donate blood
  254. Cook Salmon
  255. Start a new tradition
  256. Do yoga before bed
  257. Lift weights
  258. Visit a juice bar
  259. Try Pilates
  260. Make hibiscus tea
  261. Do a pushup challenge and tag #22kill
  262. Buy some local raw honey
  263. Learn how to make sushi
  264. Rent a convertible and drive it around your town
  265. Visit a farm
  266. Buy a stress ball
  267. Inspire others to get fit
  268. Clear your mind
  269. Be social
  270. Take a power nap
  271. Check your blood pressure
  272. Send someone a postcard
  273. Rearrange your room
  274. Get a breast/prostate exam
  275. Plant a tree
  276. Take a mud bath
  277. Go to the river
  278. Tell someone you are proud of them
  279. Get down to 1 cup of coffee a day
  280. Accept your flaws
  281. Buy a sleep mask
  282. See a therapist
  283. Listen to your gut
  284. Create your own personal success mantra
  285. Try aromatherapy
  286. Climb a tree
  287. Try Zero-waste for a whole day
  288. Look up the many benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
  289. Be more assertive
  290. Buy a zen garden box
  291. Try Aerial yoga
  292. Buy a shower pill for after workouts
  293. Make your own apple sauce
  294. Drink chamomile tea before bed
  295. Splash cold water on your face
  296. Look up local businesses and find out how you can support one
  297. Eat protein
  298. Look up progressive muscle relaxation
  299. Buy a houseplant that detoxifies the air in your home
  300. String some lights up in your home
  301. Try the 4-7-8 breathing exercise
  302. Work out a part of your body that you don’t typically work out
  303. Sleep in
  304. Meditate at a park
  305. Give yourself a foot massage
  306. Start a crunch challenge
  307. Try a headstand
  308. Watch the discovery channel
  309. Sign up for a marathon
  310. Buy a rain barrel
  311. Go on a trip and ask the locals what they do for fun
  312. Pop open a bottle of Champagne and celebrate yourself
  313. Climb to the top of a mountain and soak in the view
  314. Donate to a cause that speaks to you
  315. Go for a run through nature
  316. Paint a wall in your house your favorite color
  317. Take a survey about yourself (Myspace Style)
  318. Buy someone a gift that you don’t know that well
  319. Go for a barefoot run on the beach
  320. Purge negative people from your life
  321. Stay at an AirBnB
  322. Get a hot stone massage
  323. Stop eating when you feel full
  324. Go to a theme park
  325. Familiarize yourself with the dirty dozen and clean fifteen
  326. Dance in the rain
  327. Eat at a salad bar
  328. Stop smoking if you do, if not, encourage someone who does
  329. Go vegan for the day
  330. Pull weeds in your yard
  331. Send a text to a random friend and tell them to have a great day
  332. Bring baked goods to your neighbors (healthy of course)
  333. Get some cardio
  334. Look up ways to cook healthy for the holidays
  335. Buy reusable bags for the market
  336. Make a list of all of your accomplishments this year so far
  337. Make a list of the things you’d still like to accomplish
  338. Set goals to achieve them before the new year
  339. Take a gondola ride
  340. Go hunting
  341. Sign up for a turkey trot
  342. Sing
  343. Look up places to volunteer around the holidays
  344. Buy a new hat
  345. Make a list of everything you are thankful for
  346. Remember why you started
  347. Massage your scalp
  348. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come
  349. Indulge in some dark chocolate
  350. Try infrared yoga
  351. Buy a workout jacket
  352. Put cucumbers on your eyes
  353. Take a different road home
  354. Check your tires
  355. Smile at everyone you pass today
  356. Start a collection
  357. Sign up for a triathlon
  358. Go to a bootcamp class
  359. Rake leaves
  360. Clean your baseboards
  361. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  362. Read a book in a genre you don’t normally read
  363. Learn a new word
  364. Take a self defense class
  365. Enjoy it