Dr Emily Poccia's Nature Cure Series : Tip #1 - BreathE Clean Air; The Air You're Breathing Might Not BE As Clean As You Think

Dr Emily Poccia, ND, explains in this 5 Part VirBLOGo Series how a little conciousness in your everyday life can have intense health benefits By incorporating these Nature Cures into your daily Routines.

Nature cure is about getting back to the basics! It encompasses elements of life that make us thrive and heal. Many illness and diseases today are derived from our lifestyles and can be prevented with some attention to these basic yet essential human needs. So here is the first one!

Emily Poccia Nature Cure Blog Series


I know this sounds like a duh moment but you’d be surprised just how dirty our air can really be. In fact, according to the Environmental Performance Index, a study ran by Yale researchers, “in the US alone air pollution accounts for 200,000 premature deaths per year. That’s 6 times the number of people killed in car accidents.”

There are 4 major pollutants that the study monitored including Ozone, Particulate Matter, Persistent Organic Pollutants, and Mercury. These may sound foreign but these pollutants are coming from everyday factors like factories, car emissions, airplane fuel, pesticides, solvents, household products and even pharmaceuticals! Think about it. Do you live in or close to a city or places where there may be a heavy amount of pollution?

Find out how dirty your air is and ways we can help keep the air clean by using sites like CARMA.org, and the Environmental Performance Index’s interactive site. 

Every cell is dependant on oxygen for cellular respiration- Our lungs may receive the air first but our brain is affected the most by poor air quality leading to all sorts of health issues including confusion, and cognitive decline. Our immune systems use oxygen in order to produce hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and our muscles use oxygen as a way of transporting iron to maintain energy.

Take some time away from the hustle and bustle and venture into the mountains or more rural areas so you can let your lungs breathe in clean, crisp air. You may also want to consider a filter for your house to help clean the air like a hempa filter. Remember to take full deep breaths of clean air to boost your brain function and health.



Dr. Emily Poccia

Dr. Emily Poccia offers a Family Medicine practice at RestorMedicine in San Diego with a primary focus in the treatment and management of chronic Lyme disease. She graduated from Southwest Collage of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014 and moved to San Diego soon after. Originally from Connecticut she is no stranger to Lyme Disease and felt a need to support this population through their health journey. She was trained by Lyme literate doctor and author of, “The Beginner’s Guide to Lyme”, and “Lyme Brain”, Dr. Nicola Ducharme. 

Dr. Emily is highly committed to using Naturopathic principles that are centered around supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself and treating the whole person. She does this by using diagnostic testing to find the root cause of illness then supports the body’s healing process using natural therapies like botanical medicine, nutrition, gemstone energy medicine, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy and nutritional IV’s. Her goal, whether you have a chronic illness or any health concern, is to support all dimensions of your health- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. Dr. Emily believes strongly in doctor as teacher, a principle that allows her to empower her patients and their families so they can take an active role in their health and live healthier lives.

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