Local is Better

This morning, during my traditional trip to Bay Park Coffee, I stumbled across the most exciting product I've seen in a long time. Local Juice Co. A San Diego based Juicery is doing something amazing. They are bottling 100% natural, organic, raw ingredients and selling it to us. How did we get so lucky? I'm not sure what made me want to try it more, the beautifully designed labeling or the vibrant colors of the juice inside the bottles.

Each glass bottle of juice is $11 each. It seems a little steep, but not when you consider how much juice you're getting for the price. It's a lot of juice! Today I tried "Renew", and after one gulp, I'm on a mission to test them all. A lot of companies seem to be jumping on the "Organic Juice" band wagon lately, and I'm not impressed with the most of the ones I've tried in the super market. They usually leave you with a not-so-great taste in your mouth, and are too sweet to not have any additives. What I loved about Local Juice Co.'s 'Renew' is that you can taste the cucumber, turmeric, celery, aloe, kale, spinach and pineapple in every sip. 

I feel healthier after just one bottle! See for yourself! 

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Where can you buy Local Juice Co.? 
When they say 'Local', they mean local. You won't find these cold-pressed gems in Vons or Ralphs! Look for Local Juice Co. at San Diego open air markets, festivals and local coffee shops. I found it at Bay Park Coffee on Napier Street in Bay Park. If you don't hurry, I might buy the whole stock.