True Food Kitchen - Review

It's 10 AM on a Saturday morning in San Diego…. where can you find me? There's no other place I'd be than True Food Kitchen. With 11 locations and counting, True Food Kitchen has created an unforgettable dining experience. The concept is built around an anti-inflammatory diet paired with flavorful ingredients to keep your body healthy and satisfied. The restaurant design is reminiscent of a swedish interior design office, and offers an open floor plan filled with cozy booths and tables. The best part about this place is the kitchen. It's completely open to the restaurant, as if they have nothing to hide from their guests. You think this sounds good? I haven't even told you about the menu yet...

Although True Food Kitchen is known for their healthy, gluten free and vegan meal choices, you would never know how healthy you're eating by the way their food tastes. There are so many interesting options on the menu; combinations of ingredients you would never think of pairing. The chefs at True Food are true culinary geniuses. 

My favorite breakfast dish has to be The 2 Organic Eggs. It is two range free organic eggs, any way you like them, with two turkey sausage patties, sweet potato hash and kale salad. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to recreate their sausage patties at home, and for some reason I can't ever seem to quite get it. The spices they use, and flavors they create are on another level. My favorite part about their food, is that I never feel full when I leave. I feel satisfied. That's how you should feel after a meal. 

My fiancé was skeptical of this place at first, but once he tasted their food, he was hooked. Today he had the Shaved Turkey Sandwich, and I had the new Seared Spicy Tuna Pita. Since it was lunch time, we toasted with some adult beverages. True Food has an amazing list of unique cocktails, wine and locally brewed beers. My fiancé was super excited about that one. 

Don't tell anyone this, but no matter what time of day I visit True Food Kitchen, I indulge in a  glass (or three) of their Cucumber Martini(s). This cocktail used to be a seasonal beverage, but I'm almost certain they brought it back year around due to the countless times I've complained about them not having it on their menu. They still won't tell me their secret ingredient, but this is by far the best cucumber martini I've ever had. 

So now you know… If it's 10 AM on a Saturday Morning in San Diego… this is where you'll find me, and you know why. I'll be sitting outside with my Cucumber Martini. Stop by and see what all the hype is about!

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