Fitness Rainbow

By: Genie Davis

It’s spring ­ which means its time for color run events blossoming like multi­colored exercise flowers across the nation. What’s a Color Run? Well, first of all it’s vibrant ­ with literally rainbows of color created from colored cornstarch and tossed on participants along a running or walking route, to brilliantly create streaming abstract art in motion.

Participants are usually encouraged to wear unique outfits ­ white may work best, when color coated. These events were inspired by the Festival of Colors, or Holi event celebrating the beginning of spring in India and Nepal. These fun sport events combine elements of the Holi Festival’s spiritual tribute to spring with a music filled party, and a race. Food trucks and local DJ’s complete the picture.

People who inhabit living­color lives, think outside the box, and play outside it, too, are going to love finding an event like this in their home town. This is the year I plan to run, walk, skip, flip, cartwheel and jump through the most eye catching springtime race around. Want to find an event near you? Here’s a place to start

Happy first day of spring!