Get Off Your Booty and Stick to Your Goals!

By : Justine Rellosa

We're rounding out the second month of the new year and we hope you're still squatting, burpee-ing and pumping that iron to the fullest! You made the commitment to better yourself as a whole, so don't sell yourself short… YOU CAN DO IT! Team Virago has gathered the top three FREE fitness apps that are tried and tested to keep you motivated and on track for the rest of the year.


1. RunKeeper [iPhone] [Android]

This app uses GPS to track your daily runs, walks or hikes. It is simple to use and provides you with a cool map of your routes as well as information on calories burned, miles per minute and links seamlessly to the next app, MyFitnessPal. 

2. MyFitnessPal [iPhone] [Android]

The best calorie counting app by far. With a database of hundreds of food items, keeping track of your diet has never been easier. Plug in your stats and instantly get a diet plan catered to you. 

3. HIIT Trainer [iPhone] [Android]

For circuit-training lovers, this app easily manages your work out sets. Whether you're running sprints or lifting weights, this interval timer keeps things flowing with customizable rest times.