Hi, my name is Emma Decker, and I am an East Coast transplant quickly making the transition into a Southern California lifer.  I'm a young professional, a recovering English major, and a bit of a foodie.  I've always been a runner and an equestrian, but since moving out here I've picked up a few other active hobbies.  I now box, hike, and even do the one thing that I swore would never appeal to me: yoga.  The SoCal sunshine and laid back attitudes have me open to all kinds of new things.  I'm a working girl trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle in my free time, and I'd love to help you do the same!



My name is Justine Rellosa. I am a freelance writer living in Los Angeles with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a background in Social Media Marketing and Fashion. I've written for the Santa Barbara Independent, Talk Radio News Service in D.C and The Trend Boutique in LA. I enjoy spending my free time catching concerts, tasting the best nachos around and, of course, obsessing over Beyoncé. I make it a priority to work on my well-being and fitness so feeling the burn with my daily TRX and Gravity Strength training workouts is a must! I am on twitter at @jrellohello.