A New Way to Self-Heal

Here at Virago Fitness, we are so excited about a new product that was recently introduced to us by Nate Church of On Track Wellness and Rachelle Clauson of Flourish Bodywork. It is called an Acuball. The Acuball was invented by Dr. Michael A. Cohen - a respected Chiropractor and Acupuncturist who continuously encourages his patients to explore their self-healing abilities. 

The Acuball's patented design combines natural acupressure and heat that when applied allows the body to relax and stimulates blood flow. Some call it a 'revolutionary healing tool'.

Acuball Benefits

  • Relaxes tight muscles & connective tissue
  • enhances joint movement
  • Stimulates blood flow to oxygenate tissue & flushes out built up muscle wastes
  • releases natural painkillers and sedatives relaxing the central nervous system 

Last month Virago and OTW held a class at Cali Coast Elite that allowed attendees to try out the Acuball. It was amazing. The class was lead by Rachelle Clauson, a Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist, owner of Flourish Bodywork and Flourish Fitness, and an Acuball Teacher Trainer. Although the ball comes with directions, we highly recommend attending a class that shows you how to properly self-heal with the Acuball. The great thing about Rachelle was that since she is a massage therapist, she mixed in elements of meditation and deep breathing that you wouldn't normally think about on your own. The mind-body effects of the Acuball are extremely important and beneficial. 

Personally, I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, so thankfully the first exercise we did with the Acuball was on our necks. After thirty seconds of resting my neck on the heated Acuball, I could have fallen asleep. I was instantly relaxed and relieved of all pain in my neck. 

Anyone can benefit from the Acuball - athletes, runners, gymnasts, pregnant women, and anyone with joint or muscle aches and pain. 

If you are still shopping for loved ones, the Acuball makes for a great gift! Give the gift of relaxation and healing this Christmas. 

For more information about Acuball and purchase, visit www.acuball.com

If you would like to be informed of our next Acuball class, click on the button below. After every class, you have the opportunity to purchase Acuball products and the chance to win them in a raffle. See you there!