Virago Fitness raises money through activewear sales,
corporate sponsorships, and individual donations to help others experience the power of fitness for healing and growth. >

Spreading awareness about the benefits of health and fitness for
post-traumatic growth.

Free Fitness Classes Nationwide
When you are in a tough spot, the last thing you are thinking about is your health and wellness, when in fact, focusing on those two aspects of life is what will help you the most. That is why we are excited to offer free fitness classes all over the country. 

Fitness Journey Sponsorships
We will pick one person per quarter and sponsor their fitness journey for three months. The three month fitness sponsorship will consist of Virago linking the winner up with a personal trainer in their area and also a local Virago Warrior to provide moral support.

Building a Factory
Our longterm plan is to build a factory in America, produce all of our products in-house and hire mainly Veterans and their families. 

* Virago still partners with The HD Hogan Memorial Rodeo Scholarship Fund and will continue to raise money for this cause at select events and with select products.

How do we know?


Several studies have shown that there is a direct link between physical activity and lower levels of depressive symptoms, however, no one can definitively say why or how. While Virago believes whole heartedly in the power of positive thoughts, we also believe that knowledge is power. With that being said, we have compiled what we have found to be the best research out there so far to better explain why fitness is beneficial for post-traumatic growth.

*Virago Fitness is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.

EIN# 45-5107951

Founded by Brittney Hogan - the surviving spouse of a fallen United States Marine. After hitting rock bottom, she turned to fitness as a way to cope and it completely saved her life.


Once Brittney helped herself she was determined to help others, and Virago Fitness was born. “I want to help people see the value in their fitness journey, not just the goal of a sexy body or a smaller dress size. Those things come along with physical fitness of course, but the richest reward is in discovering your capabilities, and how far they can surpass what you might have originally imagined, and I want our programs and apparel to represent the tools for that journey" - Brittney Hogan. 

Photo by  Remy Haynes

Photo by Remy Haynes

Brittney Hogan | President and Founder

Challenges are not something Brittney runs away from. She runs toward them, charging forward with a rich energy that exudes vitality and strength of heart and soul; a vitality that finds itself rooted in the very depths of sadness, tragedy and overwhelming loss. At age 20...





Brittney Hogan
Founder | President


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